The components and the overall system of the new test facility in Évora are specially adapted to the use of molten salt as heat transfer medium. The biggest challenge of using salt is its high melting or solidifying temperature. For safe operation the solidification in the branched pipes of a solar field must be prevented. Therefore an adequate design, an adapted operating concept and appropriate safety equipment is needed.

DLR participates in the planning and conceptual design of the test facility as well as the qualification of the collector field. DLR researchers will accompany the experimental operation also scientifically. The use of molten salt places high demands on the design of the collector.

TSK Flagsol Engineering will adapt the design of its HelioTrough® collector accordingly and will demonstrate its applicability. Due to high concentration factors the collector is especially suited for being operated at high temperatures and hence for the use of molten salt.

Eltherm develops the safety relevant solar field impedance heating system and is as well responsible for its construction and proof of operation.

Steinmüller Engineering installs and tests on the new facility its once-through steam generator, heated with molten salt.

Yara develops the required salt process technology and demonstrates the suitability of its low-melting ternary salt.

A team of engineers of the South African energy supplier Eskom is responsible for the smooth operation of the plant.

The University of Évora as the owner of the Évora Molten Salt Platform supports the erection and operation of the infrastructure with dedicated operational and scientific staff.

Rioglass is developing vacuum insulated receivers useful for Direct Molten Salt operation, where molten salt as heat transfer fluid is flowing directly through the absorber tubes of the receivers in a collector.

With a number of solutions and pilot projects, innogy is making an active contribution towards modern methods of energy supply. Clear interest is given to solar concentration plants with direct molten salt operation.